We are all one together on this beautiful planet, equal partners, co-creating and supporting each. 

Welcome to Harmony Light Reiki!  I 36245_174175202605448_5052817_nam Maggie Lukowski and my gorgeous luvs are June and Kayla.   In my Reiki practice I  work with Spirit and my Guides to help people and animals both in-person and through long distance sessions.

Reiki is a gentle energy that can have healing responses in both humans and animals with regard to emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects leaving us feeling calm and peaceful.  The benefits of Reiki are numerous for all of us.

Long Distance Reiki – The Healing power of Reiki can be felt across the World.  Reiki transcends time and space.  There is no difference between a hands on Reiki session or a long-distance session.  As soon as you contact me, I begin to send healing energy to you or your pet.  We can then setup a time to schedule your session.  After your session,
I can email, or send a recording of what came through for me during the session along with a message from Spirit or my Guides.  I also offer live phone sessions.

Reiki for Animals

The benefits of Reiki for animals provides gentle healing energy, love, a feeling of peace for many aliments.  The owners also receive some of the healing benefits of Reiki when Reiki is sent to their pet.  When an animal becomes sick, Reiki can reduce stress and relieve pain and provide them balance and relaxation before and after Veterinarian treatment which allows our babies to heal.  This Reiki energy is a healing energy for the entire family and often can be felt by members in the family.

Testimonial – Maggie succeeded where specialists failed.  My dog Keyta was in danger of losing her right eye to glaucoma and Reiki succeeded in reducing the irritation around the eye and seem to stop the progression of the disease.  She also helped with Keyta’s allergies.  Cheryl

Rescue animals love receiving Reiki as it allows them to feel unconditional love, restores their balance and starts them on a process of trust and safety in their new environment.    Reiki is a beautiful gift when your pet is terminally ill.  It assists them to peacefully transition, feeling comforted and loved.

Sending light, love, and peace to all areas of your life, and supporting your well being!

Maggie Lukowski

Disclamer:  I never diagnose; I refer clients to a licensed health care professional.